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Vista Del Rio Residents’ Association 2021 Annual Meeting Minutes

Saturday February 19, 2022 @10:00am

Zoom Virtual Meeting

Board Members Present:

Pat Wiedhopf, Mitch Kagen, Jill Kiefer, Cheryl Hoffman, Sharon Spiker, David


Board Members Absent:

Miki Zeman, Lorri Robinson, Jill Kiefer

Association members present:

Val Reynolds, Sara Read, Ron Pullen, John and Melody Dunlap

Meeting was called to order and welcome to association members was given by Pat Wiedhopf at 10:00am. The Vista Del Rio Board members and association members introduced themselves.

2021 Annual Meeting minutes were voted on and approved by the Board.

Treasurer Report

Membership Account: Membership Update: 60

Beginning 2021 balance $708.38

Ending 2022 balance $818.88

Report was accepted

Donor Plaque Account: $3936.96 unchanged during 2021

Committee Reports

2022 Nominations Committee

Pat Wiedhopf and Sharon Spiker were elected for their Board membership through 2024

Val Reynolds was nominated and elected as a new Board member through 2024

Archaeology Committee:

Sharon Spiker submitted 2021 Report

$7652.06 in account after spending $190.00 for rip-rap weed control

TPD Operation Division East-Division Advisory Committee (DAC)

Mitch explained DAC to those present. The meetings are currently not running due to COVID pandemic. Once started again anyone may attend

Streets Resurfacing Committee

205 Petitions were submitted to the City of Tucson (Mayor Romero, Ward 2 Council Member Cunningham and the City Department of Transportation) in May 2021 requesting asphalt resurfacing of neighborhood streets. Sharon has called the Ward Office requesting a call-back regarding street resurfacing status. No return calls were received.

Board Activities Report

The Board has been involved in many activities during 2021.

Holiday decorating with prizes awarded

Didn’t do: Halloween candy distribution with security guards present

Common area and graffiti clean-up

Petition collections

Cultural Park stewardship and clean-up

Roll-off dumpster placements

Active liaison with police

Newsletters and flyers distribution

New street signage, speed humps

Many other activities throughout the year

New Business

Future Programs

Yard Sales


Porch Fest

Park Clean-up

Book Club

Neighborhood Watch

Other New Business

Crosswalks at intersections

No commercial parking in front of mailboxes


Free tour of VDR Archaeological Site, March 5, 2022 from 9-11am

Next Board meeting: Wednesday, March 2, 2022 at 6pm via Zoom


Meeting was adjourned at 11:20am by Pat Wiedhopf

Minutes submitted by Cheryl Hoffman

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