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February 21, 2024 Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened at 6:05pm.

Members Present: Pat Wiedhopf, Sharon Spiker, Cheryl Hoffman, Derek Daniels, Sara Read, Miki Zeman, Jake Byron

Members Absent: Val Reynolds

Minutes from 1-10-24 meeting were unanimously approved

Treasurer’s Report

membership account. $3231.90

membership update. 39 households

donor plaque account $3935.86

Officer Elections

Derek Daniels was nominated for President by Cheryl Hoffman, seconded by Miki Zeman.

Unanimously accepted

Miki Zeman was nominated for Vice-President by Cheryl Hoffman, seconded by Sharon Spiker.

Unanimously accepted.

Cheryl Hoffman was nominated from Secretary by Mitch Kagen, seconded by Miki Zeman.

Unanimously accepted

Val Reynolds was nominated for Treasurer by Sharon Spiker, seconded by Sara Read.

Unanimously accepted.

P.O. Box keys will be given to Derek. Jacob will receive a copy of By-Laws.

Possibility of making Facebook private to all VDR members will be investigated by Jake.

Website Report

January minutes, VDR By-laws and new board information will be posted to website.

Committee Updates

Archaeology Report

Balance $6652.06 Account checks will be sent to PO Box.

Old Pueblo Archaeology Center Park Tour is scheduled for March 2, 2024 from 9-11am with an encore tour from 1-3pm if morning tour fills up.

A $500 donation will be given to OPAC. Unanimously accepted

VDR Archaeology Day at the Park has been tabled. Miki will investigate Native American participation input. Pat will locate Park Grant and send to Miki.

Social Events Committee

Kids Fest-April 6-location unknown-movie, games etc to be included. Rental of Udall Park Ramada is $25

Park Stewardships

Derek Feb-25-Mar 9

Cheryl Mar 10-23

Sara Mar 24-April 6

Pat April 7-20

Mitch April 21-May 4

Sharon May 5-May 18

Val May 19-June 1

Miki June 2-15

Jake June 16-29

Old Business

Independent Oversight & Accountability Committee-next meeting is scheduled for April 22, 2024

Our neighborhood is still scheduled for the first phase of street re-paving(re-surfacing?)

Park Cleanup is scheduled for Monday, June 15, 2024

Porch Fest is tabled until the Fall

Yard Sales Event is tabled until the Fall. Jake will look into.

New Business

Roll-offs are scheduled for March 1-4

Book Club resumes soon


Jacob will assume vacant distribution route

Old Business on hold

Archaeology Park/City of Tucson

Ramada resealing

Sidewalk damages, tripping hazards


DAC Meeting- March 5:30-7:30pm

Next regular Board Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday March 12, 2024 @ 6pm via Zoom

Meeting was adjourned at 7:15pm

Submitted by Cheryl Hoffman, Secretary

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