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October 11, 2023 Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, October 11, 2023


Via Zoom

Board members: 

Val, Miki, Derrick, Sharon, Sara

Not present: Mitch, Cheryl, Pat


Val left checkbook with Pat & Dick

Additional checks for next year

Val to send current report to group


Question about rules around building wall or installing flagpole

  • City - if abutting the neighbors, like building a wall or raising a wall needs approvals from neighbors

  • Flag pole

Need to update brush & bulky date to the 11th

Need minutes for September meeting


Halloween Fun

  • Face painting

  • Do we need a permit to be active and have # of people at the park?

  • Parks and rec

  • Greased the swing (Derrick)

  • Targeted the 21st (Derrick, has family things)

  • Thinking spring event may be better, first week of April?

  • Bounce house for a couple hours

  • Waters, snacks, face painting, mobile ice cream? eegees

  • Shade, chairs, ice chest, juice box & waters

  • Last year, only 5 kids participated at the VDR 

  • Pat has decorations for ramada

  • Treat bags, candy

  • Deciding not to do anything this year, but focus efforts on something larger in April

Old Business

Roll off

  • It overflowed & rolloff disappeared

  • 6 bags of trash & stuff, dog door (broken glass)

  • Derrick picked it all up

  • Palm fronds - Sara to pick up

Vactor Ranch

  • They did plant small trees

  • Replaced oleanders 

  • Miki to share pictures, support Lynda Knauss for doing all the work!

  • Send a gift card or something to her

  • $50 to Zona?

  • Approved

  • Miki to coordinate

  • Destroyed habitat for owls, hawks, wildlife

Any updates for sidewalk repairs?

  • No

Street signs were updated

Faded signs at park, west facing - not sure where to start with that

  • City parks would be a good starting point

New Business

Hay Ride?

  • Has the reservation been made?

  • Need to check with Pat, as usually done in August

  • Jill usually reserved

  • Need to find name of company and if reservation was made

  • Can we still get it?

  • What date?

  • Spencer house historically helped out 

  • Pay their membership for them to help out

  • Electricity, fire pit, chair

  • Sharon to call 

  • Would be Dec 16th or 23rd, depending on what is available

  • Aim for the 23rd if we do not yet have reservations

  • Bill Stable’s

Brush & Bulky

  • December 11th (need to update the Website, currently says 12th)

Newsletter template

Next meeting Thursday, Nov 9th at 6pm

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