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April 13, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened at 6:02 pm.

Board Members Present:

Pat Wiedhopf (President), Sharon Spiker (Vice-President), Jill Kiefer (Treasurer), Cheryl Hoffman (Secretary), Mitch Kagen, Val Reynolds, Lorri Robinson, Miki Zeman Absent: David Wojtowicz.

A motion to accept the March 2, 2022 meeting minutes was made by Jill Kiefer, seconded by Sharon Spiker and were accepted without opposition.

Treasurer’s Report

Membership Account balance -$3016.18

  • AZ State Tax payment -$50.00 AZ

  • State Corporation Commission-$10.00

Membership number—51

Donor Plaque Account—$3936.96

Committee Reports

Archaeology Committee Account- $7152.06

  • $500.00 donation paid to Old Pueblo Archaeology

New Resident’s Welcome Letter

  • A letter was sent to new residents Timothy/Constance Woodward, 7452 E Rio Vista Circle

  • It was suggested that the board keep track whether the new residents are new Association members or not

  • Membership acquisition was discussed. Jill will give board members the membership listing to determine if surrounding residents would be interested in becoming Association members

Website Committee

  • The committee is in the process of gathering information from various past involved people

Park Stewardship Assignments 2022

April 10-23 Jill

April 24-May 7 Miki

May 8-21 Lorri

May 22-June 4 David

June 5-18 Cheryl

June 19-July 2 Val

July 3-16 Sharon

July 17-30 Pat

July 31-August 13 Mitch

Old Business

Yard Sale

Sharon put up the banner, Sara Read placed and ad on Craig’s List, JoAnn Martin placed and ad on Facebook Marketplace, Pat placed and ad on AZ Star Classified. The public commented to sellers that the ads and sign placement were well done.

Book Club

Three people attended the first VDR Book Club. The next meeting will be on May 12 @11am.

New Business

Liability Insurance

Review Sharon presented 2 quotes. The first was from the current company, Auto Owners Insurance for $2161.00 including and discounts. The second quote was from State Farm Insurance for$1799.00. It was suggested that the Board obtain more quotes. Jill will contact her insurance agent for additional possible quotes. Further discussion was tabled until those additional quotes are obtained.

Neighborhood Watch was tabled until September.

Bulk and brush pick-up by the City will occur during the week on 6/6/2022.

Cultural Park clean-up day was scheduled for the weekend of June 4-5, 2022.

Future Business

Roll-offs will be scheduled for the end of October 2022.

Porch Fest, and hayrides were table until a fall meeting.

Next Meeting

Wednesday May 11, 2022 @ 6pm

Meeting was adjourned at 7:25 pm

Minutes submitted by Cheryl Hoffman, Secretary

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