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May 2023 Newsletter

Our Vista del Rio Streets

As you are aware, in June 2021 the VDR Board of Directors took the challenge to get our neighborhood streets resurfaced in asphalt by the City of Tucson. Two hundred twenty-six (226) petitions were distributed – one to each residence in our Vista Del Rio subdivision. Of the 226 petitions distributed, 205 were returned with 91% participation.

Additionally, Casa Rio, the subdivision just north of us, collected an additional 50 petitions in support of our resurfacing request. The resurfacing of our streets is important to them as they pass through our subdivision to access their residences.

Copies of the petitions were given to our Ward 2 Council Member, Paul Cunningham; Mayor Regina Romero; and Diana Alarcon, Director, City of Tucson Department of Transportation and Mobility, Streets & Maintenance. Ms. Alarcon replied that Vista Del Rio streets were not currently scheduled to be improved. In the event there was additional funding, we were added to a Citizens Request Log (CRL). However, we were assured by Councilmember Cunningham in 2021 and in 2022 that we were on the list for asphalt resurfacing in 2023.

It has now, just recently, been brought to our attention that we may not be on the list for street resurfacing in 2023 due to last year’s 2022 Proposition 411 that was on the ballot and voter approved extending the 1⁄2 cent sales tax for 10 years. These funds are allocated to streets throughout the city and an independent Oversight Committee has been formed that will ensure that the money collected will be spent solely for the purpose of streets. For detailed information

As we want to ensure that our request for resurfacing our streets receives top priority, we strongly encourage you to call Ward 2 Council Member Paul Cunningham at 791-4687 and suggest the following language:

As a resident of the Ward 2 Vista Del Rio subdivision, I urge you to prioritize our request to have our neighborhood streets resurfaced in asphalt. The condition of our streets has become dangerous for bicyclists and people with disabilities. Thank you for your help.

Cleanup Day at Our Park - Sunday, June 11th 7-10am

Meet at the Park Ramada to join the Vista Del Rio Residents’ Association Board of Directors to trim shrubs and trees and remove dead plants, tree limbs, and other debris. Everything will be placed on the park curbs for Brush/Bulky pick-up scheduled for the week of June 12th.

Brush/Bulky Pick-up: Week of June 12, 2023

Go to: for a complete list of items that can be placed curbside for pick-up. Have materials set out by 6 a.m. on Monday, June 12th. Collection will be completed by the end of the week. Do not block sidewalks or have debris flow onto the street. Box-up cacti for safety. Do not put materials out more than two weeks ahead of your scheduled collection.

The City's Brush & Bulky Plus program continues to work to make our city and neighborhoods cleaner, more attractive and safer. The value of our properties also depends on all of us maintaining our yards. Please keep your sidewalk areas clear of weeds, cactus, & overhanging tree branches. Additionally, keeping your yard cleaned-up and weed-free prevents rodent infiltration and infestation.

Misplaced Street Signage & Sidewalk Repair

There are several street signs that were faded and replaced with new signage. They were installed on the wrong streets. This was reported to the city of Tucson several months ago and we are still trying to fix this problem. We are also investigating the process for sidewalk repair.

Wash Cleanup

A request for the cleanup of the wash has been made and it has been confirmed that VDR is on the list for cleanup of dense weed growth, furniture, grocery carts and debris.

Visit Our Website - It Is Updated!

Please go to for supplemental information and pictures regarding: Upcoming Events, About our Vista Del Rio Cultural Resource Park, Board Minutes & more.

Neighborhood Book Club Meeting

If you are interested in attending a neighborhood book club, please contact Lorri Robinson by email: The next meeting is scheduled for May 25 at 5:00pm. The book for May is Downstairs Girl, by Stacey Lee.

Homeless Encampment Protocol

Tucson has started a new program to address homeless camps throughout the city. Check out more information on the new Homeless Encampment Protocol & Reporting Tool on the City of Tucson website or on the Neighborhood Safety page of the VDR website.

Interested in becoming a member?

Please join our association as a new member or renew your existing membership. Association dues are only $45 a year and are used to improve our neighborhood community in many ways - including bridge area landscape maintenance, annual yard sale ads, web site costs, Holiday Hayride and other activities and events.

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