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June 2024 Newsletter

In June 2021 the VDR Board of Directors took the challenge to get our neighborhood streets resurfaced by the City of Tucson. Our residents signed and turned in over two hundred and fifty petitions, encouraging the City to add VDR to their project list.

Our VDR Board of Directors have continued to advocate for street resurfacing by attending, in person, the Independent Oversight and Accountability Commission quarterly meetings of Prop 411. As of the most recent meeting on April 22nd , Vista Del Rio is currently in the planning phase for resurfacing. You can track VDR’s status at the website.

We encourage VDR residents to continue to make the City of Tucson aware of street and safety issues via the 311 Service Request Portal or by calling 3-1-1. We also ask that current street issues be resolved by the City of Tucson, as any outside resources or attempts to maintain surface streets can impact the City’s ability to maintain street overlay and underlying utilities. Backflushing of pool filters or excessive running of water on resident streets can impact street

quality and delay the ability to address and fix street issues.

Proper water drainage/surface flow outline can be found here.

CLEANUP DAY AT OUR PARK – Saturday, June 15 th 7-10am

Vista Del Rio Cultural Resource Park

7575 East Desert Arbors Street

Meet at the Park Ramada to join the Vista Del Rio Residents’ Association Board of Directors to trim shrubs and trees and remove dead plants, tree limbs, and other debris. Everything will be placed on the park curbs for Brush/Bulky pick-up scheduled for the week of June 17th. If you have gardening/landscaping tools, please bring them. Items such as loppers, hand clippers, gloves, shovels, rakes, blowers, brooms, dust pans, saws, wagons, wheelbarrows are helpful.

BRUSH/BULKY Pick up: Week of June 17, 2024

The City's Brush & Bulky Plus program continues to work to make our city and neighborhoods cleaner, more attractive and safer. Go to the Brush & Bulky website for a complete list of items that can be placed curbside for pick-up. Have materials set out by 6 a.m. on Monday, June 17th. Collection will be completed by the end of the week. Do not block sidewalks or have debris flow onto the street. Box-up cacti for safety.

The value of our properties also depends on all of us maintaining our yards. Please keep your sidewalk areas clear of weeds, cactus, & overhanging tree branches. Additionally, keeping your yard cleaned-up and weed-free prevents rodent infiltration and infestation. Please also keep our residential surface streets clear of excessive vehicles, especially those blocking intersections and road signage.


We encourage our community to have direct contact information for immediate neighbors in case of emergency, helping to minimize the process of communication in the case of issues/concerns.

Movie Night at The Park on April 13 th was a success. The Board of Directors appreciates the opportunity to directly serve our community. We look forward to additional social events later this year.

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