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Holiday Activities & Newsletter

Join us for the Annual Hayride on Saturday, December 17, 2022. More information can be found on the Events page.

Holiday Decorating Contest


Drive through the neighborhood: Monday, December 12th - Thursday, the 15th after 6:30pm.

  • Mark your ballot (attached on the physical flyer)

  • Place it in the black box on the porch of 7551 E. Dos Mujeres.

  • Deadline: 9pm, Thursday December 15th

Join Vista Del Rio Residents' Association for 2023

If you enjoy the benefits of living in this neighborhood, please become a member now! Current members, please consider renewing your existing membership. Annual membership dues are still only $45.

Membership forms are attached to the physical flyer or can be downloaded & printed from here.

Thank you, Park Sunset Cleanup Crew!

Several VDR board members, along with Laurel Springfield, Gracia Barr, Kirk Spiker, and Dick Wiedhopf, teamed up with the City of Tucson's Parks & Recreation, City Manager's Office, Tucson Clean & Beautiful, and Target for tree pruning and general cleanup of our beautiful Vista Del Rio Cultural Resource Park on December 3rd. Target volunteers pulled a mattress, grocery carts, and other bulky debris from the wash. Everything from the park cleanup and wash was positioned for Brush/Bulky pickup on Monday, December 5th.

It is evident that there's no new growth of trees, cacti, wildflowers, and other small plants and grasses. The soil has become compacted and lost its viability and habitat for new plants to take root. Some trimmings have been left under trees and along natural pathways to trap needed moisture and encourage new growth.

Neighborhood Updates & Requests

  • Please keep your dog on a leash when walking it in our neighborhood and park. Always take a baggie with you to dispose of dog waste. Bag it and put it in your garbage or in the trash containers provided at the park.

  • Call 911 if you see suspicious activity or any crime in progress. Call the Non-emergency line 520-791-4444 to report a property crime, including car break-ins. It is the only way the police patrolling our area can track criminal activity.

  • When approaching stop signs in our neighborhood, STOP, LOOK & PROCEED CAUTIOUSLY! It has been noticed that, especially at the 4 WAY STOP SIGNS at Essel/Rio Verde & La Cienega/Rio Verde, not stopping at these intersections has increased. Our neighborhood is full of walkers, dog walkers, and parents with strollers.

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