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Fall 2023 Newsletter

Focus on our property values


Thursday, October 5th - Monday, October 9th

Your Neighborhood Association has obtained ONE Roll-Off from the City of Tucson. It will be located at the southeast corner of Essel Drive and Camino Montaraz, next to the park. You can use it for most unwanted yard items, debris, and other miscellaneous goods.

City Roll-Off Rules:

  1. No material can be sticking out of the top or overhanging on the sides.

  2. Container should be loaded uniformly and tailgate secured.

  3. No hazardous materials such as paint, fuel tanks, or batteries.

  4. No appliances that contain Freon (i.e. refrigerators, freezers, etc.)

  5. No tires are to be disposed of in containers.

  6. For your safety, use caution when loading the container. Please note cacti can be very heavy. Rain engorged small amounts of cacti can be very heavy too.

Keep our neighborhood attractive by removing weeds, trimming grass, and keeping your sidewalk areas clear of weeds, cactus, and overhanging tree branches. Please do not use your front yard for storage and/or parking your vehicles. Do not store inoperative motor vehicles, trailers, or campers in your yard, driveway, or street.

2023 Membership

If you really enjoy all of the Neighborhood Association benefits, please become a member now! Current members, please consider renewing your existing members. Annual membership dues are still only $45.

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